Activities & Rates

The Block Includes a Trampoline Park, Ninja Warrior Park, Toddler Park, Battle Beam, Arcade, Roller Skating, Gellyball Arena and 3 Party Rooms.

Jump Park Access Pass (Ninja Warrior/ Trampoline Park/ Toddler Park, Battle Beam, and Arcade):

$9.99 for a 1 hour per person pass

$14.99 for a 2 hour per person pass

$3.00 for grip socks or bring some

Roller Skating Rink Access Pass

$8.99 for a 3 hour pass per person

$3.00 for inline or quad skates or bring some

Gellyball Battle Pass

$5.00 for 8 minute game with Gellygun with 750 round grenade, scoring vest and safety helmet.

(any “watchers” in The Block do not need to buy a park pass)

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