Homeschool Meetup

The Block is excited to announce Homeschool Meetup Days!

The Block wanted to give local homeschool families a time and place to connect! We are proud to launch Homeschool Meetups at The Block! Join other local Wilkes County homeschool families for an opportunity to connect. Share a coffee and a donut from Dom Bakeries of N. Wilkesboro, provided by The Block.

Our goal at The Block is to be a place for families and communities to connect. We think Homeschool Meetup will be a great start!

Stay tuned for more special days and programs as we get closer to our full Block opening!

Cost: $9.99 for 2 hour park pass. $1 more will get you socks, or bring your own grip socks. If you would like to add roller skating you now can for $3 more. Reserve your spot now with the booking calendar below.

Upcoming 2022 Homeschool Meetup Days:

May 11, 2022- Wednesday 11am-1pm

May 25, 2022- Wednesday 11am-1pm

A classroom doesn’t need to have four walls.