Local Terrific Kids

The Block is excited to partner with Terrific Kids!

Congratulations on being awarded as a Terrific Kid! The Block would like to reward you with one free hour park pass to be redeemed on Monday May 16th.

How to redeem?

  1. Use the link below to select the one hour session you wish to attend. All sessions will be on May 16, 2022. Please only register for one session so we can accommodate all local Terrific Kids.
  2. Sign your waiver here.
  3. Bring your Theater Ticket to The Block as your proof of being a Terrific Kid on May 16th.

Upcoming 2022 Terrific Kids Redemption Day:

May 16, 2022 – Session 1- 4:00-5:00pm

May 16, 2022 – Session 2- 5:00-6:00pm

May 16, 2022 – Session 3- 6:00-7:00pm