Buy a Gift Card

picture of a gift card

Gift Cards may be purchased online!

(We also have paper cards at the front desk)

Here is how to buy a Gift Card for The Block:

All Gift Cards are done online so you don’t have to keep up with the card! We will track it for your guest online! So no more making sure you grab the card before you leave the house!

To start, open any current or future date on the calendar link below.

At the bottom of that days page, you will see a section for “Gift Cards”. Pre-Selected amounts of $15, $25, or $50 are options. You also have a “Choose your own amount” option available for any amount you would like to gift.

Once you select your option, select “continue”.

You will then go to another screen that ask for you to enter your details. Midway down the page you will also see “gift card details” for your guest. You will be prompted if you miss, so don’t worry!

When you enter your guest details you will need a Name and Email.

You will have the option to send a written message OR a video message.

You will also have the option to “send now” or send on a future date and time.

We also have paper gift cards available at the front desk during any open hours.

Again we will track the card and remaining amount through our Roller system, so you do not need to keep up with a physical card or certificate.

Thank you SO VERY much for thinking of The Block when gifting! Our family very much appreciates your support!

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