Birthday Parties

Lets Party!

The Block has three party rooms available your next special event. We would love to help you celebrate!

Picture of Party room B at the Block
Picture of Party room A at the Block
Picture of party room C at The Block
Picture of party room B at The Block

The Block has 3 Party Rooms available for use. Each room cost $175 for 10 park passes with full access to one of two parks.

The $175 cost is either skating OR trampoline/ninja/toddler to all activities. If you would like to have BOTH parks you can add the second park for $40 for all 10 guest. Cost does NOT include socks or skate rental. We do not want to charge for things you do not need. You can buy grip socks online on several websites, or have guest bring socks from other parks.

Additional passes will be $15 per pass needed. Additional guest can be added the day of the party check out.

Each party will have the room for 1 hour and 45 minutes. Park pass time and party room time overlap, so all guest will be at The Block for 2 hours.

Trampoline socks are available for purchase, or feel free to bring some you already own. Skates are available for purchase, or feel free to bring some you already own.

We invite you to bring any food and/or cake you wish have to help your celebration. The Block Phase 1 will not serve food just light snacks.

Please also bring any decorations you would like to help accent the room. We can not accommodate and early check in and “set up”. We also need all decorations to be taken down 1 hour and 45 minutes after the start of the party.

Anyone attending the party but not using the park will not need a park pass. We get it….kids can’t drive.


Your party room will be ready at the top of the hour. We can not accommodate “setting up” the room before the top of the hour. We will need you to exit the party room 1 hour and 45 minutes after the party start time. This allows us to fully clean the room, before the next party arrives. We get it, everyone wants to set up early and leave late. When we can accommodate we do but peak days and times this is not available.

The Block has many open spaces for you to meet or say goodbyes. If you need a few extra minutes just as your host where is a good spot for your group.

Socks and skate renal are not included in the cost of the party. We did not want to build that cost in IF people do not need socks/skates. We welcome any trampoline socks, or order some online for your party. As long as they are trampoline socks to keep everyone safe.

Encourage your guest to sign the waiver before the event. You can send out the link from your party booking confirmation email, OR it is always on our homepage and can be done via mobile. We can not allow people o enjoy the park without completing the waiver.

We can not accommodate any piñatas. Once we have all areas complete we will try to get something permanent. Who doesn’t love a good piñata!

The Block does not have helium.

The Block does allow you to decorate and tape things to the walls.

Please note any party booked on the first Friday of each month during the hours of 7-10pm will be a “Glow Night” event at The Block in the Trampoline Park.

We love to sing happy birthday! Please just tell your host if you want us to sing to the guest of honor. We stop the music, and sing! We have the whole park join in!

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