Who Owns The Block?

The Block is locally owned and operated by the Zulpo Family of Purlear, NC.

Appalachian Christmas Mountain Farms

How it started…

Why did we want to open The Block? Easy answer is why not! Every community needs a place for families to connect, in a 50 year old building with a ton of history! We all need more physical activity in life, and less screen time. Most importantly all need our kids to sleep better!

Wear out your crew and create memories at The Block!

Please let us know how we can make your trip to The Block a memory for a lifetime!

Thank you for your support our Block family truly appreciates it!

-Aynsley Zulpo (co-owner)

Betsey Jeff Penn 4H Summer 1996
Zoey & Wilkes Zulpo
Appalachian Ski Mountain