Who Owns The Block?

The Block is locally owned and operated by the Zulpo Family of Purlear, NC.

Picture of the Zulpo family owners of the block
Appalachian Christmas Mountain Farms

How it started….

Once upon a summer in ’96, Mick and I worked at a summer camp in Reidsville, NC, Camp Betsy Jeff Penn. Mick, was traveling the world post high school from Australia. I was born and raised in Cary, NC (when it was a small town). Mick crashed on my couch after camp while i started my sophomore year at Appalachian State. We both fell in love with the mountains. #TIGMA

Fast forward through our twenties – Mick’s was living in Australia, Japan, Canada, and I was in the Triangle area and Mount Pleasant, SC. I became crystal clear that our friendship was destined for something more. Love bloomed, we tied the knot when we were 30, and now they’re proud parents to two incredible boys.

In 2017, after years of hard work and determination, we finally acquired a rental cabin in Buck Mountain in Purlear, NC. But fate had another twist – COVID struck! And so, we found themselves taking refuge at their beloved cabin…and never left!

Now, you may be wondering why on Earth did we decide to open The Block? Well, the answer is simple: why not?! Every community needs a place where families can come together. We all need to ditch those screens and get moving! The Block is here to provide endless fun, physical activity galore, and unforgettable memories for everyone who visits.

**Updates from The Zulpo’s**

picture of mick and Aynsley Zulpo in 1996
Betsey Jeff Penn 4H Summer 1996
picture of Block dogs Zoey, Bailey and Wilkes Zulpo
Zoey, Wilkes and Bailey Zulpo “the girls”
Zulpo family skiing at Appalachian Ski Mountain in Boone NC
Appalachian Ski Mountain 2021

The Lost Wombat In Historic Downtown North Wilkesboro (next to the Liberty Theatre) opened in April 2023! Check out our menu HERE.

The Liberty Theatre In Historic Downtown North Wilkesboro (next to The Lost Wombat) opened in 1932 but we became co-owner with the Cook family of Cook’s Sports & Outfitters in Feb 2023 in efforts to save her from closing forever! Check out what is playing, HERE. All shows are new release movies and just $5.00! Help us keep her going another 91 years for future Wilkes County generations to enjoy!

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