Homeschool Meetup

The Block is excited to announce Homeschool Meetup Days!

The Block wanted to give local homeschool families a time and place to connect! We are proud to launch Homeschool Meetups at The Block! Join other local homeschool families for an opportunity to connect. Share coffee, donuts (while supplies last) and great conversation with other local homeschool families.

Our goal at The Block is to be a place for families and communities to connect. We think Homeschool Meetup will be a great start!

Cost: $9.99 for 2 hour park pass. $1 more will get you socks, or bring your own grip socks. If you would like to add roller skating you now can for $3 more. Reserve your spot now with the booking calendar below.

Upcoming 2022 Homeschool Meetup Days:

Aug 17, 2022- Wednesday 11am-1pm

Aug 31, 2022- Wednesday 11am-1pm

Sept 14, 2022- Wednesday 11am-1pm

Sept 28, 2022- Wednesday 11am-1pm

A classroom doesn’t need to have four walls.