About the Artist of The Block

Erik Sipes

Graffiti Artist- The Block

Erik Sipes came from a long line of artist.  Erik has always had an eye for art. He thrived at East Wilkes High School in the Art Club. In his senior year, he redesigned the school mascot logo, to the design still used today.

Erik became an apprentice under his uncle Brandon Sipes (owner of Electric Steel Tattoo in N. Wilkesboro), during his senior year of high school. He has continued his career in creating unique and creative tattoos post school. Erik also has expanded his talents recently into painting, and of course graffiti. 

Erik is a true local talent always interested in a new project! He can easily be found at Electric Steel Tattoo most days or on Instagram at erik.just.erik

Art is life, and that’s what Erik lives for! Thank you Erik for making The Block so amazing for our community!

Erik works in..
  • Tattoo body work
  • Muralist
  • Fine Artist
  • Freelance Artist
Contact Erik directly on social media or email.

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