Ninja Warrior Park

Ninja Warrior Park

Take your Ninja Warrior Skills to the Next Level

Introducing Ninja Warrior Park, the ultimate challenge for thrill-seekers. Conquer our intense swinging monkey bar course, swing boards, ring pulls and 10 & 12 foot Warped Walls. Get ready to test your strength and agility in an action-packed adventure like no other!

Ninja Warrior course at The Block in North Wilkesboro, NC
Ninja Warrior course at The Block in North Wilkesboro, NC

Train like a Ninja

Train like a real ninja with our incredible swinging monkey bar course! Our course is designed for all levels of ninjas – from the beginner to the advanced – so everyone can get in on the action. Push yourself to the limit as you swing from one station to another, testing your strength and agility along the way.

Strength & Agility

Our swing boards and ring pulls are perfect for building strength and agility. Give yourself a full body workout while you challenge your grip strength and build core stability as you navigate across each station. Whether you’re looking for a fun way to work out or mastering ninja warrior techniques, our course has it all!

Unleash your inner ninja

At Ninja Warrior Park you can unleash your inner ninja and take on exciting obstacles just like on the famous TV show American Ninja Warrior. Step up to the challenge and compete against yourself or friends – every obstacle is designed to test balance, strength and grip in a safe environment.

Experience a thrilling adventure

Experience an adrenaline-filled day with friends or family as you make your way through our specially designed obstacle course. With a range of difficulties available, we can accommodate all levels of physical ability and ensure everyone has a thrilling day of adventure!

Go above and beyond

Our obstacles are designed to help you push yourself beyond what you thought was possible. Test yourself by attempting to conquer the 10 or 12 foot Warped Walls – can you make it to the top?

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